Pass and Cut Play

A continuous motion drill or play:
1) Three to five offensive players on perimeter all interchangeable (everyone knows and plays every position).
2) After pass to teammate, cut hard to basket looking for give and go opportunity or temporary post up opportunity.
3) At same time, other players on perimeter rotate one spot to fill in for the player who just cut.
4) The player that cut will then move to the side perimeter position (that is now empty on left or right).
5) If ball handler around top drives to side, then baseline corner player cuts hard to basket looking for pass and other side player (on same side as ball) cuts (to fill in behind) to the corner also looking for pass. (The expectation is pass to corner should be shot.)
6) Whenever there is no player at top, player from side away from ball moves into that empty position and player in the farthest from ball position fills into that other players position
7) Players can quickly "swing" ball along top, two to four passes to other side, while each is cutting after pass. It just keeps moving and moving. The point is if the ball moves, then a player must move. It can become habit easy, so if ball handler drives to side, then baseline player can cut to hoop and wing can go to corner and other wing fills in back to point. So in that case, ball handler would have three players all moving somewhere known to pass to. Or as another example: point guard passes to wing and cuts to basket looking for give-and-go, at same time other wing goes to replace top former spot; wing with ball has two close passing options in movement.

Minimum number of people: 3
Minimum number of baskets: 1
Minimum number of balls: 1
Minimum court size:court through three point line
Setup time:
Minimum time: 3
Skill level:


2020-04-25 ID: 3001