180 drill

Objective is to score 180 points in 7 minutes. Start with three players on one baseline with one ball. Behind the sides are two or more players lined up, one ball on each side. Two players lined up on other baseline also have balls. (For more than seven players, they line up on sides of one or both baselines without balls). There is no middle line of players (except for very first three-man-weave group). Starting three do three-man weave down to shoot layup. The player who shot the layup gets own rebound. Two players standing out of bounds at that baseline sides pass ball to other two players (who just did three-man-weave passing) who catch and shoot for around 15 foot shots. They get their own rebound and take or pass ball out-of-bounds on same baseline side (they just shot on) and goes to end of line (or next up) on that same side. The other three down there (two inbound passers and the three-man-weave shooter/rebounder) do a three-man-weave back toward other hoop. And repeat. An assistant keeps track of all made shots. (If fail to get to 180 points in the 7 minutes, then entire team runs baselines or suicides, for example.)

Minimum number of people: 7
Minimum number of baskets: 2
Minimum number of balls: 5
Gear:scoreboard or chalk board
Minimum court size:full court
Setup time:
Minimum time: 8
Skill level: 3

Shooting, Passing, Conditioning, Layups

Dependency: 3130-three-man-weave

2020-04-25 ID: 3110