Consecutive shot drill one

Shots from increasing distances and when made consecutive start again (from closest) but add further shot at end. If miss, go back to starting shot. For example: do shooting in same direction or same angle; make shot from ten foot one time, make shot from 14 foot one time, make shot from 17 foot one time, make 20 foot shot one time. If miss any shot, go back to beginning. Don't go to farther shot until make the shots consecutively. After complete progression, go to start and increase by one - so add another shot from farther distance. Do this in a straight line from at least six angles: parallel to baseline on both sides, start at around lane and go out at 45 degree angle, start in lane and go out around 80 degree angle near top of key (but not straight on). Do this on both sides of hoop.

Minimum number of people: 1
Minimum number of baskets: 1
Minimum number of balls: 1
Minimum court size:size of freethrow lane (12 feet x 15 feet)
Setup time: 0
Minimum time:
Skill level:


Like: 3-60-percent-straight-line-shooting

Like: 5-no-chance-straight-line-shooting

Like: 4001-consecutive-shot-drill-two

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