Mikan Drill Variations

This is a series of "Mikan Drill" layups. A basic Mikan drill is one step layup, rebound with two hands, then one step layup on other side. Usually shoot around five per side alternating back and forth. The variations are based on foot you jump off of, what hand shooting with, and direction facing (toward key versus toward backboard). The variations are:
1) Inside Foot, Outside Hand;
2) Inside Foot, Inside Hand;
3) Outside Foot, Outside Hand;
4) Outside Foot, Inside Hand;
5) Reverse (back to baseline) - Inside Foot, Outside Hand;
6) Reverse - Inside Foot, Inside Hand;
7) Reverse - Outside Foot, Outside Hand;
8) Reverse - Outside Foot, Inside Hand;
9) Two Feet - Outside Hand;
10) Two Feet - Inside Hand;
11) Reverse - Two Feet - Outside Hand;
12) Reverse - Two Feet - Inside Hand.

Minimum number of people: 1
Minimum number of baskets: 1
Minimum number of balls: 1
Minimum court size:size of freethrow lane (12 feet x 15 feet)
Setup time:
Minimum time:
Skill level:

Layups, Post Scoring

2019-10-28 ID: 4300