Lakers Layups Drill

The team splits in half lined up at half court. One player starts at baseline to be first passer. One player sprints from left side along sideline and one from right sideline to hoop. First on right runs to hoop gets ball about one stride from hoop and does layup. Passer says name of person passing to. Player from left side gets rebound without it touching the floor. Rebounder is behind shooter and not in way. Rebounder runs to out of bounds clears away from hoop on right side and passed to next player for layup. Shooter runs to left baseline then to outside sideline to stay out of way of next rebounder to got end of rebound line. The rebounder after passing goes along baseline to right and far right run to end of layup line. Yell out count of each layup made. Goal is to make a certain number in a row. Reset count if miss rebound, miss layup, or bad pass. Running fast the whole time. Reverse directions in progress -- so rebounder line is layup line and right line becomes rebounder line.

Minimum number of people: 5
Minimum number of baskets: 1
Minimum number of balls: 1
Minimum court size:half court
Setup time:
Minimum time: 3
Skill level:

Conditioning, Layups, Passing, Rebounding

20191022 ID: 8010