Hip half circles into sprints

In defensive stance, hop and rotate body 180 degrees for half circle landing in defensive stance. Then hop again the opposite direction landing to face original direction. Repeat this five times (so ten hops). On landing on tenth hop immediately sprint forward 15 feet and quickly stop into defensive stance. Pause 3 seconds by holding defensive stance and then do the hip half circles again. On completion explode again into 15 foot sprint. Do this for four Hip half circles sets and four sprints. Finish by holding defensive stance.

Minimum number of people: 1
Minimum number of baskets: 0
Minimum number of balls: 0
Minimum court size:half court
Setup time:
Minimum time: 2
Skill level:

Conditioning, Speed, Defense

Like: 9120-ali-shuffle-into-sprints

2017-06-16 ID: 9130