Curb jumps

Facing sideways to curb, jump sideways up on to curb and back down. If have long curb, jump forward on each jump. Do 25 times, then turn around and jump back 25 times. (So jump up facing left for example 25 times, then jump up facing right 25 times.)
Alternates: jump using one leg both directions and then switch legs; face curb and jump up and down, two legs or one leg, landing in same spot or jump sideways still facing curb. Advanced: do multiple sets of 25 with rest between.

Minimum number of people: 1
Minimum number of baskets: 0
Minimum number of balls: 0
Gear:curb or short box for jumping on
Minimum court size:stationary location (1 meter)
Setup time: 0
Minimum time: 1
Skill level: 4

Jumping, Conditioning, Speed

2017-07-17 ID: 9220