Sprints and free throws

Sprint sideline to sideline width 17 times in one minute. (The goal is to get to a minute.) Then without rest shoot two free throws. Keep track of misses. Then sprint sideline to sideline 13 times in less than a minute. Shoot another two free throws. Then sprint again sidelines 9 times (less than a minute). Followed by two more free throws. Run one sideline to sideline width for each free throw missed. Finish with two more free throws. The only rest between the sprints is the approximate 20 seconds for the free throws.

Minimum number of people: 1
Minimum number of baskets: 1
Minimum number of balls: 1
Minimum court size:half court
Setup time:
Minimum time: 5
Skill level:

Conditioning, Speed, Free Throws

Like: 9005-seventeens-sideline-sprints

2017-06-16 ID: 105