Post move half spin move

Start with catching (or rebounding) ball facing the basket in the mid key, low post area. One pound dribble right handed into a half spin move, back to basket, left foot pops to right and right foot goes backwards to left side. Bring ball to your right hip side to show the ball to get defenders to go that way. Then spin back by planting left foot and pivot back, right foot planted and facing hoop, see rim and pullup short range jump shot. Do this from both sides of key and hoop, using opposite hand for back dribble (half spin).

Minimum number of people: 1
Minimum number of baskets: 1
Minimum number of balls: 1
Minimum court size:size of freethrow lane (12 feet x 15 feet)
Setup time:
Minimum time:
Skill level:

Post Scoring

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2017-03-24 ID: 1053