60 Second Jumping

Timed quick high jumping. Have a target to touch like stand under backboard and touch it repeatedly for 60 seconds (or the timed period). Or touch rim or net, for example. This could be from standing and jumping, one step and jumping, or running and jumping. Could alternate hands or use different hands or jump off of different legs or both legs. Don't count if don't touch target. Keep track and set a goal to improve each week.

Minimum number of people: 1
Minimum number of baskets: 0
Minimum number of balls: 0
Gear:optional target to jump to like backboard
Minimum court size:stationary location (1 meter)
Setup time: 0
Minimum time: 1
Skill level:

Conditioning, Jumping

Like: 9110-both-legs-vertical-jumping

2017-06-08 ID: 8000