Key Hopping

Start at elbow (or baseline corner) of free throw lane and jump back and forth, side to side, across the line in zig-zags forward 12 feet to other corner. This may be about 10 hops. Then along other line hop front to back while moving 15 feet to other corner (about 12 jumps). Then side to side again, going backwards (since facing same direction) 12 feet to next corner, and finish by jumping front to back again (going opposite direction this time) while going to starting corner. Repeat 5 times (facing same direction and going in same order) which may be around 220 jumps. Alternatives could be do the same movements with a single leg. (Then do other single leg when completed. And alternatively follow up with double leg jumps.)

Minimum number of people: 1
Minimum number of baskets: 0
Minimum number of balls: 0
Minimum court size:size of freethrow lane (12 feet x 15 feet)
Setup time: 0
Minimum time: 2
Skill level:

Conditioning, Speed

Like: 9050-key-defensive-slides

Like: 9070-line-jumps

2017-06-16 ID: 9060